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Inflate Your Sales!
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Inflate Your Sales!
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Blue Muscleman Inflatable
​Want a promotional item that’s truly attention-grabbing and helps inflate your sales? A custom advertising balloon from Texas Boys Balloons can do the trick. Of course, we offer the traditional hot air balloon shape -- our most popular shape of giant promotional balloon, and one that has room for a 100-square-foot banner with your message or logo. But we also keep hundreds of other custom balloon inflatables in stock, ready for your next big sale, event or promotion.

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blue muscleman inflatable
green muscleman inflatable
muscle man
red tag balloon
pumpkin inflatable
snowman inflatable
inflatable shamrock
santa inflatable
giant advertising balloon
panther advertising balloon
monkey inflatable
monkey advertising balloon
green monkey giant inflatable
blue gorilla inflatables
red monkey inflatable
jeep advertising inflatable
heart custom inflatable
football giant inflatable
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rockstar inflatable
nikon inflatable scope
nikon giant inflatable
what a burger inflatables
black monkey promotional balloon
bunny custom inflatables
giant advertising balloons
Red Tag Balloon
Muscle Man Inflatable
Pumpkin Inflatable
Green Muscleman Inflatable
Panther Tunnel Run-through
Rockstar Inflatable
Ramhead Advertising Balloon
Santa Inflatable
Snowman Inflatable
Orange Monkey Inflatable
Red Giant Monkey
Giant King Kong Balloon
Green Giant Monkey
Yellow Giant Monkey
Inflatable Shamrock
Advertsing Balloons
Giant Football Inflatable
Heart Advertising Balloon
Inflatable Jeep
Giant Inflatable Bunny
Giant King Kong
Inflatable Cup
Inflatable Billboard
Inflatable Scope
Giant Advertising Balloon

​Choose from many styles: including gorillas, musclemen, red tags, rockstars; or seasonal inflatables such as Santas, shamrocks and pumpkins. Those are just a few of the many styles of custom balloon inflatables we have that can get your advertising message across in a big way! Take a look below for several examples of custom advertising balloons that we keep on hand at all times.

Or if you’d like to have Texas Boys Balloons create a giant custom balloon of your logo, mascot or most popular product, we can do that for you too, in just a couple of weeks. We’ve created giant custom balloons of cell phones, fast food items and sports mascots, just to name a few! Give our design team a call at 713-213-5265 to tell us what you’d like and we’ll begin the design process. 

Whether you choose one of our hundreds of custom advertising balloons or have us create one that’s uniquely yours, Texas Boys Balloons is ready to help you with the kind of custom promotional inflatables that really get you noticed!