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Inflate Your Sales!
Texas Boys Balloons
Inflate Your Sales!
advertising balloons
giant inflatables
Other Promotional Products

Texas Boys Balloons, Inc provides more than just giant inflatable balloons for your advertising needs.  Call us for your many other promotional needs.  From window graphics, signs, banners, flags, pennants, custom lighting, and many other products, we can help attract attention and sales to your location! Call 713-213-5265 for more information.
window graphics
Window Graphics

Windows can be customized with see-through banner graphics of your own design.  We can take your own message or newest product graphic and cover your inside or outside windows.  The giant "banner" attracts attention and creates a sort of tint to keep down on heating and cooling costs, yet it is still see-through from the inside by hundreds of dots allowing safety and immediate customer accessibility. 

Pennants in many different color combinations and textures can be strung through your parking lot to your building in many designs.  They help attract the eye with their fluttering colors.

custom lighting
Custom Lighting

Let us help your location light the night with any color to attract drive-by customers and to create a landmark for your business! 
locator balloon
Locator Balloons / Helium Balls

Bring customers straight to your location with a locator balloon.  These helium balls fly high in the sky to attract customers from far away.  They can easily be customized with your company's logo or message.
locator balloons / cloudbusters
Locator Balloons/ Cloudbusters

​Cloudbusters can float 50-100 ft. in the sky to attract customers from far away.  They come in many colors, and can fly from strands of pennants.